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Our Mission


From the beginning, the mission of Insurance Audit & Inspection Company of Indianapolis, IN has been to provide objective, unbiased advice to buyers of property and casualty insurance and risk-financing products and services. We believe that such advice should never come solely from someone who is paid by insurance companies to advance their interests. In fact, if insurance companies were always straight-forward and fair with policyholders, Insurance Audit & Inspection Company might never have come into existence.


Our founder, Alvin Coate, was a self-educated scholar of the Quaker faith, who had planned to devote his life to ideals of honesty, simplicity and service to others. While in his twenties, he worked as a bookkeeper for a company that had a large loss. The insurance company refused to pay. There was no question that his employer was being swindled, but he could not afford to fight. He found that the insurance salesmen were of no help – they had neither read nor understood the policies. Besides, they could not be expected to go against their employer. Now if you “fast forward” a century, read some cases and a few recent headlines, you might conclude that things haven’t changed all that much. However, thanks to the vision of Mr. Coate and others like him, policyholders now have someplace to turn.


You should expect any first-rate management consulting firm to have intellectual capital and experience, and to use appropriate methods and best practices. We take that distinction and combine it with a solid Midwestern work ethic and over a 115-year legacy of commitment to the highest standards of ethical conduct. When we come to work for you, we think you will see why so many of our clients have been with us for generations.

Our Founder

The Pioneer of Professional Risk Management

Insurance Audit & Inspection Company has provided valuable guidance to its clients since 1901. Consider that in its historical context. Policyholders have placed their trust in us through two world wars, one cold war, five regional wars, a stock market crash, the Great Depression, several recessions, including the Great Recession, eighteen presidential administrations, September 11, 2001, and Hurricane Katrina. Punctuating those landmarks were the countless fires, explosions, mudslides, droughts, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, strikes, shipwrecks, pandemic disease outbreaks, terrorist attacks, active shooter situations, data theft or corruption, and other natural and man-made catastrophes - many known or remembered only by those upon whom they were visited.

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Insurance Audit & Inspection Company has never sold insurance. This ensures our clients complete objectivity when providing counsel.

We Do Not Sell Insurance

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